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Creating Your Blog

There are a few simple steps to follow to create your own Wizblog site.

Before you start you’ll need to decide a few things, the most important of which is

Firstly you need to visit the signup pages at

You’ll be asked to think of a user name, and to provide your email address. You can use either the name portion of your email address if it is long enough, or create something new.  If you have a short user name at then I’m afraid you’ll have to invent something longer here, but don’t worry, once you’ve signed up you can enter the short version as the published name on your blog posts if you wish.


Next, you’ll be asked what name you want to create your blog as. By default this will be the user name you entered above.  You’ll also be asked to give the title for your blog. And lastly you can select whether your blog gets submitted to the common search engines.


And then you’ve reached the end of the first part of the signup process. You now need to go and check your email to confirm the signup.


When you receive the email at the address you entered you will see something like the following

To activate your blog, please click the following link:

After you activate, you will receive *another email* with your login.

After you activate, you can visit your blog here:

You should click on the first link to active your account, at which point you will be sent another email with your password and shown a page like the following.

signup4So, having made a note of the password that goes with your user name click on the Login link, enter the details and start blogging.